How does Venice work?

Man sieht nur was man weiss” (One sees only what one knows). This Goethe’s thought applies perfectly when it comes to take pictures of a town. The more you know about culture, lifestyle, social structure, but also about architecture, environment and any other peculiarity of places you are visiting, the more your pictures will be able to communicate the essence of towns and people you are looking at, gaining in interest, smartness and paying you back for any effort you put in expanding your knowledge.

So here it is this fantastic video, produced by Insula Spa, revealing how does Venice work. Enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “How does Venice work?

    1. Thanks jo!
      The post itself is a “quotation”. It was suggested to me by a dear friend of mine last week.. so here it is! 😉
      Hope you can now enjoy Venice even more!!

  1. Fascinating video! Thanks for sharing. Have always wanted to visit Venice, but now when I do, I will have a lot more respect for the science and hard work that has gone into building and maintaining it.

    1. Yes, it’s impressive how it works! I’ve lived here for years without knowing many of the things described in this video, but now I am happy to recognize them as I stroll around! 😉

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