East Side Gallery – street photography

Panning of cyclist

The East Side Gallery is the longest section of the Berlin Wall remaining and it is also the largest open air gallery in the world. So you will probably take pictures of it. A lot of pictures. But if you want to add dynamism and originality to your shots of one of the most photographed monument in Berlin you know you have to do something more than just look at its pantings and shoot. Here it is a possibility you may like: a good panning. The East Side Gallery is a perfect place to exercise this photographic technique: it is 1.3 km long Β and it runs along a well-travelled road so you can choose the section you prefer and wait until the most characteristic, colourful, eye-catching cyclist, biker or anything else runs in front of you.

I realized this shot at 135mm, f/14, 1/25 sec.

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