Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

Old people walking around Venice streets

A picture I took a while ago came in to my mind as soon as I read this weekly photo challenge. I love to photograph old people but that sunday morning I was just looking for something suggesting loneliness and neglect (don’t ask me why), so I found myself courting a solitary bench; but something better got into the frame. This old woman walking through the maze of venetian streets fits perfectly with what I was looking for and she added some meaning to the shot: “you have to travel light to go as far as I did”. And she certainly seems to have gone quite a long way through the journey of her life.

Shot at f/7,1, 1/250 sec.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

  1. This is such a great photo! The green and red contrasting add so much great quality to this, and the expression of the person walking by is great. Great post, from one photographer to another. Keep at this challenge, you’ll thank yourself!

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