Weekly Photo Challenge: Big


The Big Wheel – Ferropolis

Being in Berlin in May I took advantage of the good weather to have a bike ride to Ferropolis, “the city of iron”. It is an open air museum located on the site of a former strip mining operation, near Dessau, which contains huge industrial machines from the mid-twentieth century. They can measure to 30 meters high, 120 meters long and weigh up to 1980 tons. The location is used also to host several events, concerts and festivals like the Melt! festival or the popular  “Ferropolis in Flammen”.

These big, odd, rusted monsters seemed to be just perfect for an HDR session with a wide angle lens.

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

    1. Thanks Jo! Yes I did some editing, it’s an HDR out of 3 pics. It was a sunny day and there was no possibility to have a good exposition both of the bright sky and of the darker machine. So I took multiple pictures with different exposition settings and edited them. I’m not so familiar with this technique yet, but HDR images always impress me so I had to try!
      Of course I like “traditional” photography as well, for example this is superb.

  1. My daughter and I were clearly impressed with this. Fantastic shot! Dare I say the best in this whole challenge?!

    1. Thanks Nando! I’m happy you and your daughter appreciated it. I’ve been told one of this enormous machine was maneuvered by a woman.. pretty impressive considering it was 100 years ago!

  2. There are quite a few reasons that I think this photo is perfect for this week other than simply being a great photo. Though this i obviously a very large piece of earth moving equipement, the perspective you chose makes it look even more so. Your use of HDR is very nicely done as well. Just the right amount of that HDR “Look” to make the image stand out, but not so much as to look cartoonish. Again, very well done!

    1. Thanks Jeff! I really appreciate your thorough comment. Yes I choose to take the shot from a very low point of view to emphasize the hugeness of the machine, and I tried to use HDR to bring out the rust and colors!
      I’ve seen your pictures on the New England Photography Guild website.. really impressive! 😉

  3. Didn’t know about this! Gotta check it out the next time I’m in Berlin.
    Also, thanks for liking my post! Unfortunately, you don’t seem to have any food related stuff but I’ll keep looking

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