Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon of Venice

The Island of Burano - Venice Lagoon
The Island of Burano – Venice Lagoon

The challenge of this week is Horizon, so let’s expand our horizons!

I’ve been posting a lot about Venice, since the aim of this blog is to collect  tips to take good pictures of this enthralling city, but what about expanding our horizons just a bit. I went to Burano this summer with my camera and I had been fascinated by this small island. With no more than 2500 inhabitants it retain all of its authentic charm. Its old, tiny, and brightly painted houses stand out next to the canals crammed with boats. Almost everywhere there are shining colours, extraordinary views and picturesque scenes of everyday life. This little island of the lagoon of Venice is just plentiful of photographic occasions. Bring your brighter zooms if you are going for some street photography, or place your tripod and wait for the sun to set to have the best from the colours of the houses.

For a better quality image click here.

ISO 100, f/8, 15″.

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