Venice photography – Squero of San Trovaso

Squero - Venice
Squero of San Trovaso – Venice

Location: The Squero of San Trovaso, Venice. This peculiar and tiny sort of boatyard is one of the few places where gondolas are still built and repaired. It was established in the 17th century, when the canals of Venice were crowded with thousands of Gondolas, crafted here or in one of the many other existing Squero.

What to shot: The typical ramp, to put up and down the Gondolas, the wooden structures in Tyrolean style, since workers came originally from this part of the Alps, are all distinctive features of the Squero of San Trovaso. But the main charm of the Squero consists right in the work of its skilled Gondolas builder.

Ideal time to shot: Operating hours are ideal to shoot at workers absorbed in crafting and repairing boats, and on site tour are possible with reservation. Otherwise, the bank facing the boatyard is an ideal place to photograph the Squero in both daytime and nighttime.

Gear: Standard zooms and bright prime lenses are preferable if you are going for an on-site visit. If you choose to stay on the in front bank both standard zooms will be useful to capture the Squero in its interity, while tele lenses will allow you to focus on details.

How to get there: It sits beside the Church of San Trovaso, a short walk from the Accademia Bridge. Public transport water bus station Zattere (line 2, 5.1, 5.2) and Accademia (line 1, 2).

Coordinates: +45° 25′ 48.90″, +12° 19′ 33.41″

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