Capo d’Otranto Lighthouse – Apulia

Capo d'Otranto Lighthouse - Punta Palascìa
Capo d’Otranto Lighthouse – Punta Palascìa

Location: Capo d’Otranto, or Cape Palascia, just 5 km south of Otranto, near Lecce, Apulia.

What to shot: Capo d’Otranto lighthouse is well-known for its particular location. Cape Palascia is the most easterly point of Italy. From there you can have a good point of view over the beacon, and in the most clear days you will be able to see albanian shore, across Adriatic sea.

Ideal time to shot: Being located in Italy’s most easterly point you could want to be there at dawn to capture the sun rising behind the lighthouse. I love to be there at night too, when the light of the beacon and the light of the moon plays together over the sea.

Gear: Wide angle or standard zooms to get panoramic shots. A good tele if you are planning to focus on the lighthouse tower and the lantern room.

How to get there: By car driving south from Otranto on the SP 87 for 5 minutes, or you can choose to go for the beautiful 2 hours trekking along the coast.

Coordinates: +40° 6′ 26.99″, +18° 31′ 11.45″

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