Bench in Ludwig Erhard Ufer – Berlin

Bench in Ludwig Erhard Bank - Berlin 2
Bench in Ludwig Erhard Bank – Berlin 2

Here it is a tip for a good photographic location in Berlin. I went for some “abandoned things” session this time, but there are really many worthy things to photograph there, so it depends on your preferences if you are going to focus on landscape, architecture or street photography.

Location: Ludwig Erhard Ufer (Ludwig Erhard shore), next to the river Spree, in Berlin.

What to shot: Many things to shot here. The Spree itself and the surrounding riverbank offer many photographic hints. If you want to try some architecture photography you can focus on the nearby Parliament buildings (the Bundestag and the Reichstag), or the ultra modern train and subway central station (the Hauptbahnhof).

Ideal time to shot: It really depends on you. This place offers good condition almost at any time. My personal preference still go to the twilight and night hours

Gear: Wide angle, standard zooms in the 24-105 range.

How to get there: U-bahn stop Bundestag (U55), S-bahn Haupbahnhof (S5, S9, S75).

Coordinates: 52°31’20.1″N 13°22’27.7″E

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