The Doge’s Palace – St Mark’s Square

The Doge's Palace - St Mark's Square
The Doge’s Palace – St Mark’s Square

While Venice is being abandoned by its local citizens, it still is a mecca for tourists and photographers.

Location: St Mark’s Square, Venice.

What to shot: St. Mark’s offers plenty of photographic icons, such as the Doge’s Palace, like in the picture above, the old procuracies, the bridge of sighs and lot of Gondolas waiting for tourists to come. Tip of the day: be there at sunrise to take pictures of the Doge’s Palace with the sun rising just behind it.

Ideal time to shot: All day long.

Gear: Bring everything you own with you.

How to get there: Public transport water bus station San Marco Vallaresso (line 1, 2) and San Marco San Zaccaria (line 1, 2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2).

Coordinates: 45°26’00.5″N 12°20’25.0″E

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