Big Ships and Venice – Iron Giant and Little Girl

Big ships in Venice
Big ships in Venice

Venice lagoon and big ships, a long story and an everlasting debate. But sometimes a story can be depicted in a split-second, and that is all photography is about!

Location: Island of Giudecca, Venice.

What to shot: Giudecca Island, with its typical shape of a long thorn, is located immediately south of the central islands of Venice. You can reach it in just a couple of minutes by water bus from the water bus station of Zattere. Besides a lot of nice alleys and small squares to photograph, Giudecca offers a vantage point towards Venice, including St. Mark’s Square, Punta della Dogana and Zattere from the north side, but also a very beautiful and uncommon view of the Venetian lagoon from the south.

Ideal time to shot: All day long. St. Mark’s square probably is at its best at morning, while the south part offers stunning sunset over the lagoon. During summer dozens of big ships cut through the waters between Giudecca island and St. Mark every day, so there are good chances you succeed in taking a picture of these iron giants moving clumsy and slowly through one of the most delicate and fragile city on earth.

Gear: Wide angles to standard zooms. Teles if you are going to focus on St. Mark’s Square or isolated buildings.

How to get there: Public transport water bus stations Palanca or Zitelle or Redentore (line 2).

Coordinates: 45°25′30″N 12°19′43″E

20 thoughts on “Big Ships and Venice – Iron Giant and Little Girl

  1. What a beautiful photo showing the ridiculousness of these behemoths sailing through Venice. The “No Grandi Navi” ( No big / cruise ships ) campaign continues to try to stop them. Great shot though, love the simplicity!

  2. One can only imagine what constant ins and outs of these monsters does to La Serenissima’s internal waterways …

    1. Ebbene si, la conosciamo in due! 😉 Grazie per i complimenti.. e grazie ancora per i libri che mi hai prestato.. è partito tutto da lì! 😉 A presto Silvia

  3. I have a big ship photo just like that only taken in New York City Harbor, but without the girl on the bench. Good photo. It’s better with the girl and the bench.

  4. Loved this shot and felt it also could have been used in the Contrast Photo Challenge of last week i.e. the ship is soooo big and the girl is so small when contrasted. Appreciated the descriptions as well. All in all 5 out of 5 stars 🙂

  5. La vostra fotografia e davvero bravissima, Bruno. Piacere di conoscerti. By coincidence I was on one of these behemoths (Jade) out of and into Venice 07-14 giunio. I can appreciate “the campaign”, having been myself an intruder. Also coincidentally, on return we stayed in a Canareggio apartment and I took four memorable early morning walks through many of Venezia’s sestiere, shooting photos… not nearly so beautiful as yours. Grazie tanto! Mike,

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