Venice – Canals and Alleys of Dorsoduro

Venice - Alleys and Canals
Venice – Alleys and Canals

Photography tip of the week: Split-Second Story, Street Photography.

Location: Fondamenta De Le Romite, Dorsoduro, Venice.

What to shot: Dorsoduro is one of the most picturesque and graceful neighborhood of Venice. Not stricken by the crowds of tourists that rush St. Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge, this area still hosts some of the most charming spots of Venice, like Punta della Dogana, the sunny waterfront of Zattere, the church of Santa Maria della Salute, the Squero of San Trovaso (a boatyard for Gondolas), and the island of Giudecca. Each one is well worth a picture for itself, but as you stroll around you will be surrounded by a myriad of peculiar details that make Venice the unique city it is: tiny alleys, peaceful canals, wooden boats, old shops. All there to be captured by your camera.

Ideal time to shot: All day long.

Gear: Standard zooms in the 24-105 mm range.

How to get therePublic transport water bus station Salute (line 1), Accademia (line 1, 2), Zattere (line 2, 5.1, 5.2, 6).

Coordinates: 45° 25′ 51″ N 12° 19′ 27″ E

17 thoughts on “Venice – Canals and Alleys of Dorsoduro

  1. I have read of it more than once in Donna Leon’s books, I’m perfectly sure … How she loves the city – and how she loathes the corruption …

    1. Thanks M-R! Donna Leon really would have a lot to write in these days about the corruption.. But it seems that we locals really don’t want to hear about it.. do you know that Donna Leon’s Commissario Brunetti is not even translated in Italian? I had to buy the english books to read some! 😉

      1. I believe it without hesitation ! – imagine how each book as it comes out causes rage and gnashing of teeth ! 🙂
        What I love most about this shot is the light streaming out out the shop in the left f.g. – which is exactly why you took it, I believe, Bruno. 🙂

  2. This is a fantastic photo! I really like the light coming through the shop window, and the way that the canal curves out of sight.

  3. I stayed very near to here a few years ago. Dorsoduro is a world apart from San Marco and Rialto. Fewer tourists, a little more real life. I think this may be close to the gondola yard at San Trovaso?

    1. Yes, exactly, it is close to San Trovaso. I hope you liked this Sestiere, it is far away from the crowded touristic routes and still offer some real venetian life!

  4. Such a lovely shot with the splash of light. I loved Venice when we visited last year, and my favorite times for shooting photos were early morning, before the crowds arrived….such a gentle hush, that you can feel the history seeping back through the cracks…..and late evening into night, filled with shadows and bright splashes of light adding to the mystery which is your beautiful city 🙂

    1. Thank you Argus! I am glad you like it! I love to get lost through the plenty of details that are around us, even if they are just the next door! 😉

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