Room with a Window – Burano, Venice

Room with a window - Burano, Venice
Room with a window – Burano, Venice

Venice Photography tip of the week: Room with a Window.

Location: Burano, Venice.

What to shot: An entire island in the Venetian lagoon with just 2500 inhabitants, filled with its old, authentic charm. Popular among artists, photographers and tourists for its tiny, brightly painted houses, small canals and shining alleys. This little island of the lagoon of Venice is just plentiful of photographic occasions, with picturesque scenes of everyday life and wonderful colors everywhere.

Ideal time to shot: All day long.

Gear: Standard zooms in the 24-105 mm range.

How to get therePublic transport water bus station line 12.

Coordinates: 45°29’03” N 12°25’06” E

20 thoughts on “Room with a Window – Burano, Venice

    1. Thanks onomatopoeicbliss! Actually she wasn’t hiding, she was just preparing to pose but I love to “steal” some before-pictures and often end up preferring them for their genuineness! 😉

  1. Quanto è bella, questa foto, Bruno ! Non abbiamo visto niente così attraente quando siamo stati lì. Ma non abbiamo saputo dove andare per vederla.

  2. So much about this photo that I love! The vibrant colors, the balance of blacks, and the great composition. Frameworthy, most definitely 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Nina Maria! Yes, I shot before the woman stopped moving and took a more “static” pose. I am not so good at shooting people, but I love when they interact with the surrounding! 😉

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