Sunrise at Bled Lake – A few minutes later

Sunrise at Bled Lake - A few minutes later..
Sunrise at Bled Lake – A few minutes later..

I already wrote about Bled here.

Location: Bled Lake, Slovenia.

What to shotHere it is another composition I took in the morning, just a couple of minutes after the sun rose. I walked to the boardwalk on the south-west coast, that offers a gorgeous vantage point to the lake. The clouds in the sky shielded the sun masking the colors of the morning but also producing a perfectly soft light, that really became the key element of the scene, so I tried to keep the composition as simple as possible, with just a fallen log in the foreground, and the small island and the mountains in the background, letting the light play its leading role.

Ideal time to shot: Both sunrise and sunset.

Gear: Standard zooms in the 24-105 mm range.

How to get there: The nearest international airport is Ljubljana Airport, 36 km away. Regular bus routes connect Bled with all major towns in Slovenia. The Lesce-Bled railway station (4 km) lies on the Villach – Jesenice – Ljubljana – Belgrade – Istanbul – Athens railway line.

Coordinates: 46°22′04″ N 14°06′45″ E

57 thoughts on “Sunrise at Bled Lake – A few minutes later

  1. Love the beautiful ethereal quality of the lake and the castle coupled with the detail and dark tones of the fallen log. Breathtaking!

  2. The colours in the previous one are striking… But I like this one more for its sense of mystery. Great composition!

    1. Slovenia is really a great country, especially if you like nature, (adrenaline) sports and adventure! I can only recommend it! thank you for dropping by!

  3. Great pics – seems you wait patiently for the right scene. Only have a mid range Olympus camera and travelling through Southeastern Europe in 16 days but hope to capture some credible shots of my trip from Istanbul to Venice.

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