Sunrise over San Giorgio Maggiore

St. Mark's Square
Sunrise over San Giorgio Maggiore – Venice

Venice Photography Tips. This week I have been to one of the most popular spots in Venice: St. Mark’s Square. Being really crowded all the year round and offering many cues to your photographic spirit, it is good to arrive on the site with some clear ideas about the pictures you are going to take. A composition I like especially is the one above. You can get it shooting from the “Ponte della Paglia”, turning your back to the “Ponte dei Sospiri” (Bridge of Sighs). It is really a good vantage point over the lagoon facing St. Mark’s Square and the San Giorgio Maggiore Island (in the background). The foreground is rich of distinctive elements such as the gondolas, poles and lampposts. The shores give simmetry to the composition and lead the observer’s eye through the image.

Location: St. Mark’s Square, Venice.

What to shot: San Giorgio Maggiore.

Ideal time to shot: Sunrise, when the sun light illuminates San Giorgio Maggiore island sideways.

Gear: Wide angles to standars zooms.

How to get there: Public transport water bus stations S. Marco S. Zaccaria (line 1, 2, 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2).

Coordinates: 45°26′00″N 12°20′25″E


38 thoughts on “Sunrise over San Giorgio Maggiore

  1. Your photo is killing me!! I would love to visit Venice but right now it’s a bit difficult maybe I should come to Bali first. You’re killing me with the beauty of Venice 🙁

  2. Really beautiful shot! 🙂 However its taken from Ponte della Paglia (Ponte de la Canonica is the parallel one, behind Ponte dei Sospiri)

    1. Haha, thanks biankonera, you are right. It is from Ponte della Paglia.. and I live at no more than 2 minutes by foot from it, I really had too little sleep that day! 😉

      1. Oh I know all about confusions caused by lack of sleep. 🙂 But now its my turn to envy you (in the best way possible) because its one of my favorite places in Venezia thanks to that view but I live about 2,5 hours from it by plane 😀

  3. SUPER shot, Bruno ! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a framing such as this – which is pretty magical, seeing as Venice has been shot by roughly half the world’s population !
    Bravo bello – quanto mi piace questa foto …

    1. Thank you so much Margaret-Rose, I am really really glad you like it! It is true, it really seems like Venice has been shot by half the world, but it is a lot of fun in looking for new framings! I am looking forward to my next photo stroll 😉

        1. Thank you so much for sharing M-R! Venice and the other cities look so quiet in your husband’s pictures… they are really fascinating, I loved them!

  4. Lovely composition and beautiful colours in this photo! Did you need to use an ND filter for the long exposure?

    1. Hi Kan! Yes, I used my big stopper, I love to bring it always with me and to put it on the lens as soon as the light of the day rise up! Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by! My tip number 1 for taking photos in Venice is to visit it eary in the morning or at the sunset, to get the best light and to avoid the crowd! 😉 I wish you can visit it soon! Ciao! 🙂

    1. I’m sure you have been there, from the other bridge side you can see the famous Bridge of Sighs! 😉 Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  5. You have just visited my blog and told me how beautiful my images are. And here I am … Wow! … checking out your blog and your incredible images of Venice and feel incredibly humbled that you have made such generous comments about my work. Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing much more of your work. Be well … Dorothy 🙂

  6. This is a stunning shot. Thank you for sharing your visions of Venice and for visiting my blog and luring me to yours! I am right now researching cameras and trying to improve my photography skills for my upcoming visit to Venice, and I feel like discovering your site is a sweet little gift from the universe! Thank you and aloha.

    1. Thank you Shiny for your comment.. I appreciate it SO much!! 😉 I started shootingveniceandmore just because I visited Berlin and I had been looking for informations, suggestions and tips on where, what and how to take pictures there for weeks on the web.. but it wasn’t so easy! So I’m really happy if you could find any useful tips for your upcoming trip here! Feel free to ask any questions.. 😉

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