Homage to the photographer

Photographer at Punta della Dogana
Photographer at Punta della Dogana

A little reward to us photography lovers and travelers. It doesn’t happen often that we take part in our own composition, usually we focus on our frame, rule of thirds, foreground and background balance, light conditions and camera settings. But sometimes we can add something to our images just popping into the scene, as I did here, at least partially. I was in my favorite place in Venice after a long morning stroll and decided to pay a little homage to my trusted shoes and to my legs, all essentials when it’s time to go for a fulfilling photo session.

Location: Punta della Dogana, Venice.

What to shot: St. Mark’s Square (North East), San Giorgio Maggiore Island (South East), and a busy section of the venetian lagoon in between.

Ideal time to shot: All day long. At dawn the sky offers often beautiful colors, while later on the day the lagoon get quite busy with all sort of boats. Foggy days offer equally good conditions for taking pictures.

Gear: Wide angles, tripod allowed.

How to get there: Public transport water bus station Salute (line 1).

Coordinates: 45° 25′ 52″ N 12° 20′ 10″ E


16 thoughts on “Homage to the photographer

  1. SUPER, Bruno ! – absolutely super. 🙂
    Different, too; and with your blog’s limitations (in terms of its title, I mean), you need that, every now and then, eh ?
    Hope you’ll at least laminate this one and put it up on a white board backing … I would ! 😀

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! I was there this summer and it’s exactly how I remember it I wish I would have taken a picture like this. Maybe next time?!

  3. Wow, beautiful image. I love the balance and contrast of colors – the cool of the blue water and blue sky, the warmth of your rust-colored pants and shoes and the distant buildings. Such a wonderful composition.

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