Sakura in Kiyamachi Street – Kyoto, Japan

Hanami in Kyoto
Hanami in Kyoto

Back to Japan! Not really, unfortunately.. I just went through the hundreds of pictures I took during my recent trip and decided to share some. One thing that really struck me was how the Japanese people enjoy the transient beauty of cherry flowers (sakura), and celebrate their blossoming all over the country, the well known hanami.

Location: Kiyamachi Street, Kyoto, Japan.

What to shot: Kiyamachi Street is a vivid road near the renowned district of Ponto-chō (先斗町), known for its picturesque alleys still hosting many geisha houses and traditional tea houses.

Ideal time to shot: Kiyamachi Street is well frequented all day long and offers always good hints for some street photography. In springtime the sakura blossoming adds a magical shade to an already fascinating atmosphere.

Gear: Standard zooms.

How to get there: Sanjo station of the Keihan Line or the Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae station of the Tozai Line.

Coordinates: 35°00′47″N 135°46′14″E

27 thoughts on “Sakura in Kiyamachi Street – Kyoto, Japan

    1. Ciao M-R, grazie mille!! 🙂 Ci sto pensando anch’io… Quando ho iniziato il blog vivevo tra Venezia e Berlino, adesso invece sono più stabile in Italia! Ma questo mi permette di viaggiare di più! 😉

  1. Is it an illusion or is the canal really paved with a boat sitting in it?
    I envy people who can travel all over the world and make such beautiful memories! Have room in your Backpack??lol!

    1. Hi Ladybuggz, the long exposition really makes the canal looking paved while people, card and foliage blur. IT would be nice to carry some friends in my backpack but it is already stuffed to the brim with lenses and filters;) lol

  2. Oh, man, the garden designer knew what they were doing when they had the bridge railings mimic the arching branches. It’s all in the detail. Very pleasing to the eye. Great shot.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Seeing the Sakura blossoms in Japan has been on my bucket list for a while. I love this photo of yours. Such a different composition compared to the usual ones of Sakura Blossoms

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