Port des pêcheurs – Biarritz

Port des pêcheurs . Biarritz
Port des pêcheurs . Biarritz

Surfing through the web looking for some pictures of Biarritz, I have encountered a lot of iconic places of this wonderful city on the ocean: the “Grande Plage”, the lighthouse, the “Rocher de la Vierge”, the tiny beach of “Port Vieux”, but once I was there many other enchanting spots made my list grow longer. I really recommend to have a stroll on the seaside from the lighthouse to the Boulevard du Prince de Galles, that allows to see some of the most exciting seascapes and cityscapes of the place. It will take less than one hour and it is really worthy. During one of these walks I spotted the view of the “Port des pêcheurs” that made me set my tripod and wait until the sun was completely beyond the sea line.

Location: Rocher du Basta, just beside La Grande Plage of Biarritz, France.

What to shot: At sunrise the Grande Plage and Biarritz receive their first light on the east, while at sunset the sky offers its best colors on the west side, just over the lights of the city and the small harbor “Port des pêcheurs”.

Ideal time to shot: Sunrise, sunset and the Blue hour.

Gear: Standard zooms.

How to get there: Biarritz has both an airport and a train station. The Grande Plage lies next to the centre of the city and is easily reached by foot from the town. The nearest bus stop is “Mairie – Edouard 7” served by lines A1, 8, 10.

Coordinates: 43°29′01″ N 01°33′42″ W

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22 thoughts on “Port des pêcheurs – Biarritz

    1. I don’t know precisely but we had some surf sessions at the beach behind the small harbour, called cote des Basque, and, actually, we started our sessions from the beach, that was 15-20 meters wide, and in a couple of hours it was completely gone under the water, so I think the tide can vary half a dozen meters in a few hours. There were some amazing canoe competitions going on there, they were paddling first against the waves, quite big ones, and then back to reach the beach again! You could love it! 😉

    1. Oh yeah, really a wonderful place it is! I have been there just for one week and it haze been enough to make me fall in love with Biarritz! I envy you! 🙂

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