Pictures of Venice: Grand Canal

Grand Canal
Grand Canal

I went to the same place as for the previous post to photograph this picture of Venice but, as promised, I put more colors and movement than I did last week. How to achieve that is quite simple. I went to the Rialto Bridge in the afternoon, half an hour before the sunset, and patiently “fought” to reach the western parapet of the bridge. Yes, you are suppose to struggle a bit at that time, since hundreds of persons long for a selfie with that magnificent view of Venice, but once you get your part of the parapet all for yourself, most of the work will be done. You will have the sinuous curve of the Grand Canal below you, flanked by two row of sumptuous buildings, leading the eyes through the frame. The sun will set right in front of view during the winter and slightly to the right in summertime. The busy street on the right side, with all its restaurants and lamps will be a great foreground. Finally you will enjoy playing with the shutter speed to freeze the gondolas and water buses passing below or to blur them in a longer exposure.

Really a “can’t miss” spot for all the photography lovers coming to Venice in my opinion. Probably next week we will move to Burano island, to fill up with the colors of its quaint houses once again, but it all depends on the weather.. so crossed fingers! 😉

Location: The Rialto Bridge, over the Grand Canal (Canal Grande).

What to shot: The Grand Canal, its buildings, the traffic of the water buses, boats and gondolas.

Ideal time to shot: Sunrise for an almost desert view of Venice. Sunset and the blue hour for a more busy atmosphere, but consider that at this time there will be a lot of people sharing the bridge with you and placing a tripod could be difficult.

Gear: Wide angle to standard zooms.

How to get there: Public water bus station Rialto (line 1, 2).

Coordinates: 45°26′16″N 12°20′09″E

WPC: express yourself

26 thoughts on “Pictures of Venice: Grand Canal

  1. I love thjs photo! It highlights the cafe on the right and shows the table where we sat and had coffee and soft drinks while watching the boats go by on a very hot summer day. Beautiful!

  2. Cada foto que pones en el blog es más bonita que la anterior.
    Ya me faltan adjetivos para decirte lo mucho que me gusta verlas y apreciar la técnica con las que las haces y editas.
    Como siempre, un placer mirarlas.

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