Pictures of Venice – Burano

Sail Away
Chasing the Light – Burano

Sailing away from Venice I have been chasing the light of Burano in a cloudy winter day to take this picture. This small group of 4 islands linked by bridges is well known for its brightly coloured houses, for the traditional lace handcraft, and for its culinary specialties as the “bussolà buranello” cookies, really something you have to try when visiting this place, a lot of calories but it is definitely worth it! Moreover, Burano offers always a lot of great photographic occasions with its peculiar atmosphere and vivid colours. This week I focused on the fisherman’s boats at the docks on the west side of the island, moving away from the busiest alleys of the islands and enjoying a gorgeous sunset over the stillness of the venetian lagoon.

Location: Burano, Venice.

What to shot: Busy alleys sided by rows of coloured houses, their reflections on the canals, and their peculiar details. Landscapes photographer will enjoy a stroll on the outer ways, facing the lagoon with a view over the other islands in the nearby.

Ideal time to shot: All day long.

Gear: Standard zooms in the 24-105 mm range.

How to get there: Public transport water bus station line 12.

Coordinates: 45°29’03” N 12°25’06” E

WPC: Depth

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  1. What an inspiring collection of images! I’ll be visiting Venice with my husband later this month and can’t wait to start photographing things – thank you for these fine ideas.

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