Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline
Manhattan Skyline

Vacations are over, time to get back to everyday life and start again with our routine. Time to recollect memories and pictures too, of course! But also time to say a special “thanks” to all the persons who contributed making this journey through the United States something special: to Jean and Alex who greeted us in New York and spread their love for kayaking all over the world (check their website 2geeks3knots, and you’ll look forward for paddling too!), to my brother Guido and his friends, Thomas and Atsushi, who introduced us to Virginia from their campus in Charlottesville (good luck with your exams guys!), to Leigh of Shurr Adventures who drove us in an amazing kayak excursion through the flat water rivers and mangrove tunnels of the Everglades National Park, sharing her love and knowledge of the outdoors.

Let’s start from the beginning, a cold and cloudy morning in New York City, not depicting the hectic and colorful big apple’s life, still a gorgeous subject for a “minimalist” long exposure.

Location: Brooklyn Bridge Park.

What to shot: Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline.

Ideal time to shot: Sunset.

Gear: Standard zooms.

How to get there: Subway 2 or 3 to Clark Street.

Coordinates: 40° 41′ 51″ N 73° 59′ 57″ W

14 thoughts on “Manhattan Skyline

  1. Bruno, ya de vuelta?
    Se te ha echado en falta, pero por lo que veo no has perdido el tiempo y has seguido haciendo fotos maravillosas.
    Esta es preciosa, tiene un aire de relajo, y se ve detenido el tiempo.
    Un abrazo.

  2. Hi, Bruno! So you are home at last, safe and sound, with beautiful photos of NYC and beyond. We are so very delighted to meet you and J in person, and we look forward to seeing more photos of your US adventures (kayaking in Florida!). This steely calm shot of lower Manhattan is superb!! All the best, Jean & Alex

  3. Love The steely grey silver hues, all business,high industry shakers and movers yet something so serene and still about this shot.

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