Sunset over The Seven Mile Bridge

Sunset over the Seven Mile Bridge
Sunset over the Seven Mile Bridge

The Old Seven Mile Bridge offers one of the most memorable walk or short bike ride ever. If you are visiting Florida, you probably wouldn’t miss the famous Overseas Highway, a 127.5 mile (205.2 km) highway carrying U.S. Route 1 (US 1) through the Florida Keys. I took this picture at sunset from the northern end of the old bridge.

Location: The Seven Mile Bridge is probably one of the most spectacular part of U.S. Route 1, but the old Seven Mile Bridge, constructed from 1909 to 1912 and repeatedly damaged by hurricanes, enshrines even more pathos than its younger brother. Being closed to traffic, it is an ideal destination for a relaxed bike ride or a walk, nonetheless for a spectacular photo session.

What to shoot: The new and old Seven Mile bridges run along connecting Knight’s Key, in the Middle Keys, to Little Duck Key, in the Lower Keys. The two bridges, suspended over the water where the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico meet, are a gorgeous subject for natural seascape and majestic architecture photography.

Ideal time to shoot: Florida Keys’ sunsets are well renowned for their beauty, and the old Seven Mile Bridge is one of the most gorgeous spot to spectate at this daily ritual taking place.

Gear: Wide angle lenses to capture the whole scene and emphasize the vastness of such a scenario; teles to focus on the little islands on the nearby and their wild life, enriched by thousands of birds.

How to get there: By car. Parking lots are easily accessible at both extremities of the bridge. From there it will be just a short walk to reach the old Seven Mile Bridge. Consider that the old bridge is interrupted in many sections; I suggest to try both ends and choose your favourite one.

Coordinates: 24°42′19″N 81°08′20″W

WPC: Off season.

13 thoughts on “Sunset over The Seven Mile Bridge

  1. That’s a beautiful photo Bruno, and a great place! Your photos are always beautiful! Do you remember my Venice watercolor painting? You came across my blog because that and I discovered your great photos! 🙂

    1. Thanks Carolina! Of course I do! I loved your painting and I am a bit envious.. I’d like to be able to paint a watercolor as you do 😉 I hope to see more of your works.. have you any new painting in your mind?? 😉

      1. LoL! I also would love to take photos like you! I love photography I take the photos of all my jewelry and other things I like to play with…I never know what I paint next…I maybe can take some ideas and inspirations from a photo of yours sometimes… if you don’t mind! 🙂 Can you please follow my Blog so that I wont miss your posts? Perfavore…
        Ps. Se ti piace la musica vedi cosa ho scritto ieri la mia testimonianza con foto e video Joe Satriani e Steve Vai…

    1. Thanks Allen! I love to share informations about photographic spot, just as much as I love to look for the same kind of informations in other people’s blogs! 😉

    1. Thanks Andrew! The “walker” had to have a lot of patience, since I asked her to walk back and forth many times before being happy with the result.. fortunately my girlfriend is that kind of patient walker!! 😉

  2. Hi!! We’ve wondered about your Florida trip. A beautiful outcome! G looks lovely 🙂 We hope all is well with you, now that you are back home. Let’s catch up offline. Jean & Alex

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