Monticello – Jefferson’s house

Jefferson's Monticello
Jefferson’s Monticello

One last postcard from the United States from my last trip before starting again with some new views of Venice.

Location: This time we are in the beautiful state of Virginia, the “Mother of Presidents”, and our subject is the gorgeous Monticello plantation and house. Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, started building Monticello as his home. The plantation was originally used for extensive cultivation of tobacco, then shifted to a wheat plantation to respond to changing markets. The building and gardens reflect the polyhedric character of his owner, including his love for neoclassical architecture and experimentation in many scientific fields, starting from the ground, with plants and wine cultivation.

What to shoot: The building, with its Neoclassical style inspired by the architect Andrea Palladio, is a wonderful subject itself. Furthermore, you will find fabulous panoramas on the many vegetable gardens and smooth slopes around the house.

Ideal time to shoot: All day long, but consider that you can take advantage of the “Monticello Sunset Pass” and capture the scene right at the golden hour.

Gear: Wide angle lenses to standard zooms.

How to get there: Monticello is located just outside Charlottesville, Virginia, in the Piedmont region. You can reach it by car or taxi. Consider parking at the beginning of Thomas Jefferson Parkway, and enjoy a nice and smooth 2 miles stroll to the Monticello along the Saunders-Monticello Trail. You can find all the informations on the Monticello web site.

Coordinates: 38°00′29″N 78°27′16″W

WPC: Muse.

8 thoughts on “Monticello – Jefferson’s house

  1. Jefferson was simply brilliant — one of the Founding Fathers of the U.S., who were in a class by themselves. I’ve always wondered why groups of amazing inventors/artists/writers (and so on) seem to arrive at one time. Anyway, glad you could visit Monticello. One English correction, if you don’t mind: You should write “What to shoot” and *Ideal time to shoot” — not “shot.” “Shot” is the past tense. Okay?

    1. Hi Loren! We have in fact been impressed by Jefferson’s biography! And thank you so much for your correction, I really appreciate, it was really needed 🙂 Feel free to correct anything else! Ciao! 🙂

  2. I hope you toured the house because his inventions for that era were amazing. And, what can one say about the gardens except they are beautiful. We have visited once, but if I lived closer I’d love to be a volunteer. 🙂 Great post card to end your US trip on.

  3. You are a master of composition as well as light. The tulips are as substantial as the house, and the emptyish space to the right is a stunning counterbalance.

  4. Beautiful! Monticello is on my US list of places to visit someday,(as is Mount Vernon). ‘Til then, I’m lucky to have the internet and wonderful photographers like you sharing their visual impressions of these wonderful places.

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