The Bog Road

The Bog Road - Connemara
The Bog Road – Connemara

Wandering through the region of Connemara will bring you to some of the most magnificient and desolated scenery of Ireland. You will be probably impressed by its tranquil yet powerful landscape, something that will easily take you back a few decades.

Location: The Bog Road, Connemara, Galway County, West Ireland.

What to shoot: Capture the unique atmosphere of a surreal scenery, made of blanket bogs and tiny lakes, where purple heather and golden moor grass bloom. Probably you will not be the only human being there.. goats love this place even more than photographers.

Ideal time to shoot: All day long but you’ll get the best colours during a dawn or a sunset in autumn.

Gear: Wide angle lenses to standard zooms. Don’t forget your rain footwear, you will be impressed by how much water this land can hold, even in a sunny day.

How to get there: By car. Drive North from Roundstone on the R341 for 4 km, then turn left on the Bog Road towards Clifden.

Coordinates: 53°27′00″N 9°56′28″W

WPC: Grid.

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