Lake Glendalough – Ireland

Lake Glendalough
Lake Glendalough

It is curious how one of the most solitary and remote places of Ireland had now become one of the most visited and photographed around the country. However, it is really easy to understand the popularity of this enchanted place at the very first sight. Here it is my first approach to Glendalough, or the valley of the two lakes.

Location: Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland.

What to shoot: Glendalough is a remarkable spot, both for the evocative architecture of its ancient monastic site, and the spectacular scenery made up by the two lakes and surrounding mountains. In this first trip I reached Glendalough in a sort of “landscape mood”, so I went straight to the upper lake’s east shore to catch the fading light of the day over the plant life on the slopes around the lake.

Ideal time to shoot: All day long but, so far, my preference goes to sunset. Again, try to be here during autumn, for a chance to get the best colours out of the scene.

Gear: Wide angle lenses to standard zooms.

How to get there: By car. It is a 1 hour trip south from Dublin. Reach Glendalough from the R756, then go ahead on the R757 till the upper lake car park (in this case, prepare coins for the car park). You will be at only 5 minutes by foot to this enchanted spot.

Coordinates: 53°00′24″N 6°20′48″W

WPC: Treat.

12 thoughts on “Lake Glendalough – Ireland

    1. Hi Jane! Yes, we are definitly doing our best to get the most out of our time here! Landscapes are amazing, but sadly I don’t have so much spare time to dedicate to my pictures. Big hugs to NYC 🙂

  1. Dear Bruno, how can we order you a photo to print on a frame? I would like to make a gift to my son with one of your photos to decorate his room. I love the lake of Glendalough picture. Thank you very much. Have a nice end of day, Natacha

    1. Dear Natacha, thanks for your interest and sorry for my late reply. You can purchase my pictures on the Shop page of my blog. I sell each high quality file for € 20 and you can print them as many times as you like at your local shop or using your favourite online service.

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