Hook Lighthouse

ireland hook lighthouse
Hook Lighthouse

This week photographic hint bring us to the southern coast of Ireland, where one of the oldest lighthouses is still operational, marking the dangerous coastline of Hook peninsula.

Location: Hook Head, County Wexford, Ireland.

What to shootHook Lighthouse claims to be the oldest intact operational Lighthouse in the world. Its tower is about 800 years old and has a magic and mysticism of its own. The rocky coastline around is the perfect frame for this characteristic bulky building. Walking a few hundreds meters East along the cost from the lighthouse, there will be plenty of choice for where to place your tripod, so it will not be difficult to extend your exposure time and add that smooth, silky effect to the water. Mind the waves, and when you’ll be cold enough after hours of shooting, take a guided tour of the lighthouse tower and enjoy a hot tea in the bar.

Ideal time to shoot: Sunrise, sunset, as well as every “dramatic” weather condition.

Gear: Wide angle lenses to standard zooms.

How to get there: By car, ten minutes south-east of the near town of Waterford, on the R733 and then the L4045.

Coordinates: 52°07′22″N 6°55′35″W


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