Lake Glendalough – Ireland in B&W

Glendalough Lake
Lake Glendalough

Happy 2016! What better way to start a new year than taking some time for yourself and do what you like the most? So here I am, with another picture from my last trip to Glendalough and the valley of the two lakes, one of my favourite photographic spot in Ireland. As you can see it is “black and white” this time. It won’t be a farewell to colours, but my New Year’s resolution is to try and produce a short B&W series; the subject: Irish Landscape and Architecture.

Location: Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland.

What to shoot: Glendalough is a remarkable spot, both for the evocative architecture of its ancient monastic site, and the spectacular scenery made up by the two lakes and surrounding mountains.

Ideal time to shoot: All day long but I still prefer sunset. Autumn gives you the chance to get the best colours.

Gear: Wide angle lenses to standard zooms.

How to get there: By car. It is a 1 hour trip south from Dublin. Reach Glendalough from the R756, then go ahead on the R757 till the upper lake car park (in this case, prepare coins for the car park). You will be at only 5 minutes by foot to this enchanted spot.

Coordinates: 53°00′24″N 6°20′48″W


26 thoughts on “Lake Glendalough – Ireland in B&W

      1. Yes, but you also have to have luck with the weather. It took 3 trips over 3 years to friends in Ballinskelligs before the blessed day of good weather that we had booked our trip on came. Puffin time in May!

  1. Is there such a thing as dark light? I think this photo proves there is – so different from Venice, did it take you a while to adjust photographically? I remember talking to an Australian professional photographer who went to Antarctica as mechanic-photographer and he told me he had to relearn photography to deal with such a different landscape.

    1. For a ‘professional Venetian’ like me the first difference I noticed being in Ireland is that I need to move to take pictures now! I mean I had to buy a car and go all around the country, which is funny! In Venice it was enough to just exit the doorstep of my house.. 😉 But you are right, Venice was mainly ‘cityscape’, here I’m discovering landscape, a new world for me! 😉

  2. Beautiful photo. Congratulations on all the photography in your blog, and the simple and straightforward way that you introduce your work. Very well done.

    1. Thanks Andrew! I look forward to some sunny days here, I like the contrast it gives to B&W photography! Todat wasn’t that bad, and I gave it a try wanderin around Dublin.. How are things in England? Hope the weather has improved..

    1. Hi Jean, Happy New Year to both of you too!! New Year’s resolutions are always hard to keep, but make them public is the best ways to follow through on them! 🙂 Big hugs back to NYC!

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