Hello 2017!

My "Best Of" Ireland 2016 - Black and White
My “Best Of” Ireland 2016 – Black and White

Hello 2017!

And welcome to all of you, fellow photographers, into this new year. I hope you had a fantastic winter break! I also hope you are now ready to take your camera out again and follow me into the great journey of exploring the world around us, looking for the most breathtaking views, the cutest glimpses of our cities, the liveliest moment of our neighbourhoods, and get the most fabulous pictures out of them. Along with all the fun that photography brings, of course!

This year I’ll be focusing on Ireland, scouting both its most iconic places and its many hidden gems. The goal is to visit Irish most beautiful photographic spots and collect them all here, in a sort of simple, unpretentious guide to Ireland for photographers and photography lovers. A “drop-in” to Venice is also on the agenda. So, if you are looking for hints and tips about what to photograph in these locations stay tuned.

See you next week with our first photographic spot of the year, the Giant’s Causeway, in Northern Ireland.



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