Poulnabrone Dolmen – Ireland


Poulnabrone Dolmen

Hi fellow photographers!

It has been difficult to find the time to write any posts in the past month; I have preferred to spend most of the spare time doing what I like most, which is travelling all around Ireland, exploring its hidden gems, doing a lot of spot scouting, combining photography with hiking and exploration in general. Yes, because photography can be quite addictive, and curiosity is a powerful driving force to keep us always on the move!

Last week my curiosity brought me to this amazing megalithic monument in the West of Ireland, called Poulnabrone Dolmen, and to move my first steps into the amazing world of night photography. It’s completely new to me but I’m already liking every bit of it!

Location: Poulnabrone Dolmen, County Clare, Ireland.



13 thoughts on “Poulnabrone Dolmen – Ireland

    1. Thanks Ladybuggz! I have always been fascinated by night and astro-photography, so I’ve read a lot about it! Then I got a new lens which is supposed to work very well in this field and I couldn’t wait to take my first night shot! I hope I’ll build up much more experience in the next months though! πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Janika!
      I’ve used just my headlamp to lighten up the dolmen and grass in the foreground. I was quite impressed seeing how bright the result was with just that weak light source.
      The clouds on the background got their warm colour from the town below them I guess. That was a surprise too, because it was not noticeable to the naked eye.
      And it’s a single photo by the way, 30 seconds of exposure with an aperture of 2.5 and a 20 mm lens! ;).

      1. That’s fantastic! There are so many layers, that it seems composed of various images. Especially impressive that there was just one light source. Thanks for sharing :]

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