Stormy day in Sligo

Mullaghmore during hurricane Ophelia

Windy days are quite common here on the Irish West coast. Even though they usually come with rain showers and a dull cloudy sky, it doesn’t mean that you can’t take your camera out and go for a nice landscape photo session.

In those days my preference goes to seascapes. Breaking waves are a great subject itself and can be combined with the other elements of the image to create different moods.

This time I took advantage of the waves breaking on the shore to add interest to the foreground. I used an exposure time of 30 seconds to give the white water that silky aspects and create a strong contrast with the dark solid rocks which, given the total lack of colours in the sky, is the key element of this composition.

Let me know what you think and what you prefer to photograph in windy, stormy days!


8 thoughts on “Stormy day in Sligo

  1. Don’t mind windy days, but a hurricane -I would like to stay inside.Even though I live in the forest, I probably am still a city kid! Gorgeous capture! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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