Benbulben – County Sligo

Benbulben – County Sligo

Hey fellow photographers! Last time we were in Donegal photographing the snowy summit of one of the most iconic mountains of the region: Mount Errigal.

This time we kept hunting for iconic mountains and we were lucky enough to find snow again, not so common in Ireland. Our shooting brought us to one of the most picturesque beaches in the north west, Streedagh beach, which is also a fantastic place for surfers and wild campers, with the added bonus of being still out of the most popular tourist routes.

The beach faces the ocean and the cliffs of Donegal on one side, on the other side it looks over a quite bay and the peculiar rock formation of Benbulben, the most recognizable mountain in County Sligo, and the objective of our photo session.

Streedagh beach is really a gorgeous spot both for action seeker photographers with surfers hitting the beach all year round. The rocks on the left offers a good vantage point to shoot the action in the ocean without getting wet. Landscapers can walk on the beachside, bay side and over the dunes to find the best views towards Donegal cliffs or the Dartry mountains towards Sligo.

Location: Streedagh beach, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

What to shoot: The Benbulben is a great photographic option thanks to its peculiar shape. Shooting from Stredagh beach adds the benefit of a flat water bay in the foreground. On a lucky day reflections are spectacular.

Ideal time to shoot: Sunrises and sunsets. It’s pretty dark here, night photography is also an option even though I have not tried it myself.

Gear: Standard zooms to tele lens.

Coordinates: 54.404753, -8.558747

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