Twelve Pines Island – Connemara

Twelve Pines Island

Dear fellow photographers, this week our trip to discover most iconic photographic spots across Ireland brings us to another hidden gem in this fabulous country. If you made it up to Galway and really want to add some landscape shots to your trip, I strongly suggest to drive east for about one hour towards Connemara. The drive itself is worth the time, moreover you’ll come across to Pines Island, a tiny island nested on Derryclare Lough, which really seems to come out from a fairy tale.

My special tip: the path connecting Pines Island to the mainland works wonderfully as a guideline, leading the eye of the observer through your composition and adding an interesting contrast between the flat surface of the water and the rocky paving of the path. Take advantage of it!

Location: Pines Island, Twelve Bens, Co. Galway, Ireland.

What to shoot: The little island stands on a gorgeous background formed by the sharp peaks of a mountain range called Twelve Pins or Twelve Bens.

Ideal time to shoot: The blue and golden hours before sunrise are my favourite moments. A calm day offers the added bonus of flat water and gorgeous reflexions.

Gear: Wide angles to Standard zooms.

Coordinates: 53.462389, -9.795743

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