Mullaghmore at Dusk – Ireland

Mullaghmore at dusk

Dear fellow photographers, finally we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day here in the north west of Ireland. After weeks of rain and wind, it’s really something, and even less excuses not to take your camera out.

This week image is one of the simplest composition I can think of. There is barely a subject! This can be quite a challenge most of the times, and could put us off from even trying and get an image. Nevertheless It’s always worthy to look for the elements of a possible good composition around us. An interesting sky at dusk and few rocks swept by the waves are just the perfect training ground for any photographer with an interest in seascape.

My tip: when you lack a clear subject, pay even more attention to the basic rules of composition. The rule of thirds for example. Make a decision about what you want to highlight in your image and compose placing the horizon line accordingly. In my image for example, I decided to give more importance to the sea and the rocks in the foreground, therefore I composed with the horizon line on the upper third.

Another key element of an image lacking a strong subject is playing with contrast. In this case the more obvious contrast is between the silky, white water licking the solid, dark rocks. A second source of contrast is given by the warm light of dusk and the gloomy clouds in the sky.

Location: Mullaghmore, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

What to shoot: Seascape offers many opportunities here. The rocky coast exposed to the west allows to play with its different shapes when the light of the setting sun throws a gorgeous glow on the view.

Ideal time to shoot: Sunset and dusk are probably the best moments to capture the beauty of this part of coast.

Gear: Wide angles to Standard zooms.

Coordinates: 54.464857, -8.467437

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