Blackrock Diving Tower – Galway

Blackrock Diving Tower

Hello fellow photographers! This week photo trip brings us to Galway, one of the most visited city of Ireland. Galway city centre is particularly lively thanks to the many traditional pubs, stone clad cafes and an almost unlimited offer of Irish folk music. Galway is also an harbour city with a medieval inheritance and is, together with Dublin and Cork, one of the most photogenic cities in Ireland.

This time we move just a bit away from the city centre to photograph the Blackrock Diving Tower, an iconic pier whose history date back to 1885, when for the first time a structure to please the eager bathers of two centuries ago was built.

Today it remains an important meeting point for all the enthusiastic sea swimmers, and you will be surprised to see how many they are, even in a cold winter morning.

It is also a great subject for seascape photography, as it works perfectly to lead the eye through the composition, adding an interesting fore and middle ground, to a background made by ocean, sky and distant mountains.

Location: Blackrock Diving Tower, Salthill, Galway.

What to shoot: The Diving Tower itself, the people ready to take a plunge, beautiful dawns and sunsets.

Ideal time to shoot: Sunrise and sunsets, from autumn to spring (in summer it becomes more difficult to include a rising or setting sun into your composition).

Gear: Wide angles to Standard zooms.

Coordinates: 53.256660, -9.092353

5 thoughts on “Blackrock Diving Tower – Galway

  1. OK you got me stumped. You’re clearly doing a long shutter speed shot, a knock out beautiful shot. And you have someone in the shot who seems to be very much in focus, so what am I missing?

    1. Hi Tim! Thanks for looking at it carefully! 😉 I really like long exposure, so I got my big stopper on and composed with that aiming for a “person-less” image, which I got, also because there were no many people around at sunrise on that windy March morning. Then this lady approached the ladder and I thought it would have been a nice add on. Of course the 25″ exposure I was taking couldn’t work but there was no time to take the big stopper off, so I went up with ISO, wider aperture, down 3 stops and focused on the ladder, hoping the lady would hesitate a bit before plunging, because my exposure was still around half a second.. Then I merged the two images in Photoshop. The other option was to ask her to stay still for 30 seconds..

      1. Lol. … and thanks for sharing your process. Your description makes it clear that you can improvise as well. Readjusting all your setting on the fly that way while someone is getting ready to enter the water. It’s lucky you hadn’t moved your tripod of course. Keep up the good work!

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