Lockdown Challenge: Strandhill

Knocnarea Mountain – Strandhill – Sligo

Hello fellow photographers, I hope you are doing well even in these strange times.

I have been busy with other projects most of the winter till the restrictions for Covid19 kicked in. Luckily here in Ireland we are still allowed to move within a range of 2 km, which is great to keep yourself active and to find a place where to relax your soul outside your home.. 🧘

It also works very well as a challenge for a photographer, pushing you to find new and exciting spots in your surroundings, or to discover different points of view to take pictures of that iconic place near your home in a way that you haven’t thought before! 💚📷 This is Knocknarea Mountain, a very distinctive tract of landscape near Sligo, in the North West of Ireland. I have climbed its trails so many times and I pass by it every day, but this time I just ventured to the border of that 2 km range, which brought me to the far end of Strandhill beach, before looking back at this familiar view, set my tripod on the stony ground and look for my composition.

I have enjoyed the challenge and the whole process, I am already looking forward to my next little excursion to find a different point of view on my neighbourhood!

And I’m curious to know.. how is the lockdown for you? Have you found new ways to pursue your photographic cravings? Let me know in the comment!

Location: Strandhill, Sligo, Ireland.

What to shoot: Knocknarea Mountain is an iconic element of Irish landscape. The waves breaking on the stony beach of Strandhill offer a great foreground to complete your composition.

Ideal time to shoot: Sunsets.

Gear: Wide angle lenses to standard zooms.

Coordinates: 54.276804, -8.608167

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