Lockdown Challenge: Knocknarea at Night

Knocknarea Cairn and Star Trails

Hello fellow photographers, I hope you are well.

I have rediscovered the pleasure of drone photography recently with the weather being nice and flying being safe and easy. This shot though is from before the lockdown, when it was still possible to travel around and driving the 20 km to the lake was just normal.

The great thing of drone photography is that it allows you to go for unusual point of views, and that can change dramatically the aspect of even the most common things. Here I went for one of the most typical aerial shot, just pointing the camera straight down to have that 2 dimensional aspect in the composition, with nearly a total lack of depth. What emerge instead is the pattern of the elements in the picture and the contrast between them, in this case the very flat lake and the jagged wood.

I am looking forward to adding a lot to my aerial collection, even though next shot will have to be within the 5 km range.

Location: Lough Gill, Sligo, Ireland.

Coordinates: 54.250380, -8.379027

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