Light burst at Knocknarea

Hello fellow photographers, I hope you are well.

Always have a plan B. Our be ready to improvise one at least. The morning I got this picture I woke up before sunrise and I climbed quickly to the top of this great hill which is just a few minutes from home. Still I got up very early to get to the top and get a panoramic view of the village and the ocean at the bottom of the hill with the sun rising and the light flooding the scene. Well it didn’t quite work as I hoped.. no sun, no light, no picture.

I was already going down the path towards home when I saw the trees in front of me coming alive with a sparkle of light and colour. I looked back and the sun was finally shining through the clouds and foliage. A wooden path guiding the eye through the composition and a narrow aperture to get that star effect made the rest. Not the panoramic door I got up for but I’m glad something else came my way.

Location: Knocknarea, Strandhill, Sligo, Ireland.

Coordinates: 54.250380, -8.379027

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