Night shots! Friedrichstrasse #2

Here it is another night shot you can easily take in Berlin! Same location and same cold winter as before (blurred things you see in the water are ice blocks moving with the stream): the Friedrichstrasse station. From the rear end of the platform you can spot a nice sight of the Sprea encircled with buildings guiding your eyes right toward the reichstag dome. If you are lucky enough to find a night without wind you will be delighted by the wonderful reflections on the water!


Night shots! Friedrichstrasse #1

Berlin is not New York but you can easily perform some night shooting with a lot of details, colours, crowded roads and traffic lights. Just consider that this kind of pictures looks more interesting if you can reach a different point of view on the situation. Usually shooting from an elevated structure makes the job. I took this Friedrichstrasse picture from the platform of the homonymous station. It offers a good elevation, a nice sight of the street below and also a roof so you can shoot even if it rains. If you walk toward the other end of the platform you will have a wonderful view of the river Sprea and the Reichstag with is illuminated dome.

Don’t forget your tripod.

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