Bench in Ludwig Erhard Ufer – Berlin

Here it is a tip for a good photographic location in Berlin. I went for some “abandoned things” session this time, but there are really many worthy things to photograph there, so it depends on your preferences if you are going to focus on landscape, architecture or street photography. Location: Ludwig Erhard Ufer (Ludwig Erhard shore),Continue reading “Bench in Ludwig Erhard Ufer – Berlin”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

  Being in Berlin in May I took advantage of the good weather to have a bike ride to Ferropolis, “the city of iron”. It is an open air museum located on the site of a former strip mining operation, near Dessau, which contains huge industrial machines from the mid-twentieth century. They can measure to 30 meters high, 120Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

The picture for this week’s Photo Challenge: Hands. It represents a particular of the East Side Gallery and exactly a painting by Christine Kühn, called “Touch the Wall”. Touching the wall at any time between 13th August 1961 and 9th November 1989 would have been fatal since the Wall was part of the “Death Zone”. The artist herself hadContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands”

Tempelhofer Park #3 – Berlin

Here it is another Tempelhofer Park shot. I like this one because it’s a very simple composition, written with shadows more than with light, and shows an unusual relation between nature and urbanization, with the built-up area barely visible in the background that seems to be overwhelmed by the big, strong tree to the fore.Continue reading “Tempelhofer Park #3 – Berlin”

Tempelhofer Park #2 – Berlin

I was walking around Tempelhofer park one day, looking for some photographic inspiration, when my eyes got caught up by this familiar silhouette. And familiar it was indeed: the silhouette in this picture belongs to the valiant mate of my photographic trips around Berlin, an ever-lasting, ever-faithful, wonderful bicycle signed Peugeot. I just had toContinue reading “Tempelhofer Park #2 – Berlin”

Tempelhofer Park – Berlin

Tempelhofer Freiheit is one of the most evocative location in Berlin. This exciting park is strictly connected to many important events of the recent history of Europe: chapters of aviation history has been written here since its designation as an airport, and it eventually turned into a symbol for the defence of freedom with its leading roleContinue reading “Tempelhofer Park – Berlin”

East Side Gallery – street photography

The East Side Gallery is the longest section of the Berlin Wall remaining and it is also the largest open air gallery in the world. So you will probably take pictures of it. A lot of pictures. But if you want to add dynamism and originality to your shots of one of the most photographedContinue reading “East Side Gallery – street photography”

Night shots! Alexanderplatz U-bahn

Walking around Berlin with your camera in the hand and no inspiration? Don’t forget the underground stations! They have many advantages: there are plenty, so you can choose your preferred, they are always there, so you don’t risk to miss the moment, they are often crowded with all sort of people coming and going, soContinue reading “Night shots! Alexanderplatz U-bahn”

Night shots! Friedrichstrasse #2

Here it is another night shot you can easily take in Berlin! Same location and same cold winter as before (blurred things you see in the water are ice blocks moving with the stream): the Friedrichstrasse station. From the rear end of the platform you can spot a nice sight of the Sprea encircled with buildingsContinue reading “Night shots! Friedrichstrasse #2”

Night shots! Friedrichstrasse #1

Berlin is not New York but you can easily perform some night shooting with a lot of details, colours, crowded roads and traffic lights. Just consider that this kind of pictures looks more interesting if you can reach a different point of view on the situation. Usually shooting from an elevated structure makes the job.Continue reading “Night shots! Friedrichstrasse #1”

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