A taste of Ireland

It has been quite a while since last post, but after moving to a new country and now settling with a new job, it’s time to start wandering length and breadth through the beautiful Ireland, looking for the best photographic spots and collecting as many tips and suggestions as possible to share with you, alongContinue reading “A taste of Ireland”

Monticello – Jefferson’s house

One last postcard from the United States from my last trip before starting again with some new views of Venice. Location: This time we are in the beautiful state of Virginia, the “Mother of Presidents”, and our subject is the gorgeous Monticello plantation and house. Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, startedContinue reading “Monticello – Jefferson’s house”

Sunset over The Seven Mile Bridge

The Old Seven Mile Bridge offers one of the most memorable walk or short bike ride ever. If you are visiting Florida, you probably wouldn’t miss the famous Overseas Highway, a 127.5 mile (205.2 km) highway carrying U.S. Route 1 (US 1) through the Florida Keys. I took this picture at sunset from the northernContinue reading “Sunset over The Seven Mile Bridge”

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