Le Mesole – Cavallino-Treporti

I have already told how I think the neighborhoods of Venice offer great occasions to the photographer´s contentment, and how I love to wander around these places with my camera trying to spot the right place to take some pictures, and I kept doing it throughout the summer. This time my strolling brought me toContinue reading “Le Mesole – Cavallino-Treporti”

Northern Lagoon of Venice – Cavallino Treporti

Not only Venice is worthy a photographer’s attention, also the neighborhood offers amazing occasions to take splendid pictures. I love to explore the many islands, small villages and beaches that are disseminated in the Venetian lagoon to look for the surprising beauty that lies outside the main tourist routes. I was strolling around Cavallino whenContinue reading “Northern Lagoon of Venice – Cavallino Treporti”

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