Fanad Head Lighthouse – Donegal

Dear fellow photographers, this week exploration of Irish best photographic spots brings us straight to the North, in Donegal, where one of the most beautiful lighthouses of the world stands. The Fanad Head Lighthouse marks the entrance into Lough Swilly, one of the very few Irish glacial fjords, and was built in 1812 following theContinue reading “Fanad Head Lighthouse – Donegal”

Fanad head

What a start today! Not exactly the smoothest possible.. I woke up at 5 am to try and catch the sunrise at Shrove beach, but the door of my hotel was locked and nobody was around to open it. I went back to my room, got out from the window (thank to my girlfriend whoContinue reading “Fanad head”

Hook Lighthouse

This week photographic hint bring us to the southern coast of Ireland, where one of the oldest lighthouses is still operational, marking the dangerous coastline of Hook peninsula. Location: Hook Head, County Wexford, Ireland. What to shoot: Hook Lighthouse claims to be the oldest intact operational Lighthouse in the world. Its tower is about 800 years oldContinue reading “Hook Lighthouse”

Lights on La Grande Plage – Biarritz

Last week I went on a vacation to Biarritz with my girlfriend, and it has been one of the most gorgeous experience ever. It was a “study vacation”, filled with French language and surf lessons, but in spite of the busy schedule we had time to met some of the most lovely people with whom we enjoyed the relaxed lifestyle ofContinue reading “Lights on La Grande Plage – Biarritz”

Capo d’Otranto Lighthouse – Apulia

Location: Capo d’Otranto, or Cape Palascia, just 5 km south of Otranto, near Lecce, Apulia. What to shot: Capo d’Otranto lighthouse is well-known for its particular location. Cape Palascia is the most easterly point of Italy. From there you can have a good point of view over the beacon, and in the most clear days youContinue reading “Capo d’Otranto Lighthouse – Apulia”

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