Sunset over la “Salute” – Venice

Lately I had been photographing a lot the installation “The Sky Over Nine Columns” by Heinz Mack before it was removed from San Giorgio Maggiore island to reach its next home. But my eye inevitably converged on this terrific sunset over “la Salute”. Location: Riva degli Schiavoni, Venice. What to shot: Punta della Dogana and the church “SantaContinue reading “Sunset over la “Salute” – Venice”

Homage to the photographer

A little reward to us photography lovers and travelers. It doesn’t happen often that we take part in our own composition, usually we focus on our frame, rule of thirds, foreground and background balance, light conditions and camera settings. But sometimes we can add something to our images just popping into the scene, as IContinue reading “Homage to the photographer”

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