Bench in Ludwig Erhard Ufer – Berlin

Here it is a tip for a good photographic location in Berlin. I went for some “abandoned things” session this time, but there are really many worthy things to photograph there, so it depends on your preferences if you are going to focus on landscape, architecture or street photography. Location: Ludwig Erhard Ufer (Ludwig Erhard shore),Continue reading “Bench in Ludwig Erhard Ufer – Berlin”


Night shots! Friedrichstrasse #2

Here it is another night shot you can easily take in Berlin! Same location and same cold winter as before (blurred things you see in the water are ice blocks moving with the stream): the Friedrichstrasse station. From the rear end of the platform you can spot a nice sight of the Sprea encircled with buildingsContinue reading “Night shots! Friedrichstrasse #2”

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