Postcard from Venice – waiting for the Biennale

It has been a pretty busy week for me here in Venice, since I am moving from the neighborhood of Dorsoduro to the one of Castello. Many stuff to do left me with almost no time to take pictures, so I went trough my library to find this one of the amazing Biennale installation byContinue reading “Postcard from Venice – waiting for the Biennale”

Postcard from Venice

My postcard from Venice of the week is another twilight view from the top of San Giorgio Maggiore’s bell tower. I blended two images to get this final result. I took the first exposure just a few minutes before sunset, to have the best from the sky. Then I waited 20 minutes for the sun toContinue reading “Postcard from Venice”

St. Mark’s Square from Above

Postcards from Venice: St. Mark’s Square from the top of San Giorgio Maggiore’s bell tower. Location: The Campanile of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. What to shot: The view from the top of the building is surely one of the best views over Venice. An amazing advantage point to photograph Venice’s skyline and lagoon, St Mark’s square,Continue reading “St. Mark’s Square from Above”

Bird’s eye view of Venice

“The best view of Venice!” That’s what a friend of mine said speaking about the photographic spot I am going to share with you this week. It is difficult to take pictures of the most famous places in the world and to be original while doing it, but looking for different points of view mayContinue reading “Bird’s eye view of Venice”

Sunrise over San Giorgio Maggiore

Venice Photography Tip: if you are looking for a good spot to shoot at the lagoon of Venice and one of its most beautiful islands, San Giorgio Maggiore, you can go to the “Riva degli Schiavoni”, right next to Saint Mark’s Square. The foreground is rich of distinctive elements of Venice, such as gondolas, poles andContinue reading “Sunrise over San Giorgio Maggiore”

Sunset over la “Salute” – Venice

Lately I had been photographing a lot the installation “The Sky Over Nine Columns” by Heinz Mack before it was removed from San Giorgio Maggiore island to reach its next home. But my eye inevitably converged on this terrific sunset over “la Salute”. Location: Riva degli Schiavoni, Venice. What to shot: Punta della Dogana and the church “SantaContinue reading “Sunset over la “Salute” – Venice”

Saint Mark’s Skyline – Venice

Yesterday I was at San Giorgio Maggiore’s island to take some last photos of the exhibition “The Sky Over Nine Columns” by Heinz Mack, before the structure will leave Venice, that should happen in a couple of days. The sun set down, leaving the sky half bright, half dark, as the first lights of theContinue reading “Saint Mark’s Skyline – Venice”

Homage to the photographer

A little reward to us photography lovers and travelers. It doesn’t happen often that we take part in our own composition, usually we focus on our frame, rule of thirds, foreground and background balance, light conditions and camera settings. But sometimes we can add something to our images just popping into the scene, as IContinue reading “Homage to the photographer”

Saint Mark’s Square Through The Sky Over Nine Columns

Playing again with the installation by Heinz Mack, “The Sky Over Nine Columns”, that amazingly enriches the skyline of Venice and interacts with the city in a lot of different ways. This summer I have been trying to take advantage of this piece of art to photograph some of the most iconic building of Venice (St. Mark’s Bell Tower and Doge’sContinue reading “Saint Mark’s Square Through The Sky Over Nine Columns”

The Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale) was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the supreme authority of the Republic of Venice, until the Napoleonic occupation of the city in 1797. It is now part of the Venetian museums network, as well as one of the main landmarks of the city. If you are going toContinue reading “The Doge’s Palace”

Sunrise over San Giorgio Maggiore

Venice Photography Tips. This week I have been to one of the most popular spots in Venice: St. Mark’s Square. Being really crowded all the year round and offering many cues to your photographic spirit, it is good to arrive on the site with some clear ideas about the pictures you are going to take. AContinue reading “Sunrise over San Giorgio Maggiore”

The Sky Over Nine Columns

Hosting the 14th International Architecture Biennale, titled Fundamentals, Venice now offers even more photographic occasions. Beyond the exposition itself, various installations are placed around the city, producing both a dialogue and a contrast between the art works and the surrounding environment. As did “Boy with Frog” by Charles Ray until 2013, now it is “The Sky OverContinue reading “The Sky Over Nine Columns”

Big Ships and Venice – Iron Giant and Little Girl

Venice lagoon and big ships, a long story and an everlasting debate. But sometimes a story can be depicted in a split-second, and that is all photography is about! Location: Island of Giudecca, Venice. What to shot: Giudecca Island, with its typical shape of a long thorn, is located immediately south of the central islandsContinue reading “Big Ships and Venice – Iron Giant and Little Girl”

Dawn at Punta della Dogana, Venice

  When photographing Venice, I have my favorite places, and Punta della Dogana is for sure one of them. It used to lodge Charles Ray’s art work “Boy with Frog”, but recently the sculpture has been replaced by the ancient lamp who used to be there since the XIX century. Whether with the sculpture or theContinue reading “Dawn at Punta della Dogana, Venice”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Gondolas in Venice – St. Mark Square. Usually we take advantage of some sort of light to take our pictures, it could be the light of a built in flash, a lamp, daylight or even the moon, but it is not so frequent to put the source of that light in the frame while composing.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!”

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