Tempelhofer Park #3 – Berlin

Here it is another Tempelhofer Park shot. I like this one because it’s a very simple composition, written with shadows more than with light, and shows an unusual relation between nature and urbanization, with the built-up area barely visible in the background that seems to be overwhelmed by the big, strong tree to the fore.Continue reading “Tempelhofer Park #3 – Berlin”

Tempelhofer Park #2 – Berlin

I was walking around Tempelhofer park one day, looking for some photographic inspiration, when my eyes got caught up by this familiar silhouette. And familiar it was indeed: the silhouette in this picture belongs to the valiant mate of my photographic trips around Berlin, an ever-lasting, ever-faithful, wonderful bicycle signed Peugeot. I just had toContinue reading “Tempelhofer Park #2 – Berlin”

Tempelhofer Park – Berlin

Tempelhofer Freiheit is one of the most evocative location in Berlin. This exciting park is strictly connected to many important events of the recent history of Europe: chapters of aviation history has been written here since its designation as an airport, and it eventually turned into a symbol for the defence of freedom with its leading roleContinue reading “Tempelhofer Park – Berlin”

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