Lights on La Grande Plage – Biarritz

Last week I went on a vacation to Biarritz with my girlfriend, and it has been one of the most gorgeous experience ever. It was a “study vacation”, filled with French language and surf lessons, but in spite of the busy schedule we had time to met some of the most lovely people with whom we enjoyed the relaxed lifestyle ofContinue reading “Lights on La Grande Plage – Biarritz”


Traffic over the Grand Canal

I have just received my new Sony alpha a6000 (ILCE 6000), and I am already in love with it. It is so amazing to have such a powerful tool in such a small body. Look like this mirrorless thing can become my faithful buddy of everyday life. Being so small and light, it so handyContinue reading “Traffic over the Grand Canal”

Le Mesole – Cavallino-Treporti

I have already told how I think the neighborhoods of Venice offer great occasions to the photographer´s contentment, and how I love to wander around these places with my camera trying to spot the right place to take some pictures, and I kept doing it throughout the summer. This time my strolling brought me toContinue reading “Le Mesole – Cavallino-Treporti”

Northern Lagoon of Venice – Cavallino Treporti

Not only Venice is worthy a photographer’s attention, also the neighborhood offers amazing occasions to take splendid pictures. I love to explore the many islands, small villages and beaches that are disseminated in the Venetian lagoon to look for the surprising beauty that lies outside the main tourist routes. I was strolling around Cavallino whenContinue reading “Northern Lagoon of Venice – Cavallino Treporti”

Sakura in Kiyamachi Street – Kyoto, Japan

Back to Japan! Not really, unfortunately.. I just went through the hundreds of pictures I took during my recent trip and decided to share some. One thing that really struck me was how the Japanese people enjoy the transient beauty of cherry flowers (sakura), and celebrate their blossoming all over the country, the well known hanami. Location:Continue reading “Sakura in Kiyamachi Street – Kyoto, Japan”

Homage to the photographer

A little reward to us photography lovers and travelers. It doesn’t happen often that we take part in our own composition, usually we focus on our frame, rule of thirds, foreground and background balance, light conditions and camera settings. But sometimes we can add something to our images just popping into the scene, as IContinue reading “Homage to the photographer”

Sunrise over San Giorgio Maggiore

Venice Photography Tips. This week I have been to one of the most popular spots in Venice: St. Mark’s Square. Being really crowded all the year round and offering many cues to your photographic spirit, it is good to arrive on the site with some clear ideas about the pictures you are going to take. AContinue reading “Sunrise over San Giorgio Maggiore”

The Doge’s Palace – St Mark’s Square

While Venice is being abandoned by its local citizens, it still is a mecca for tourists and photographers. Location: St Mark’s Square, Venice. What to shot: St. Mark’s offers plenty of photographic icons, such as the Doge’s Palace, like in the picture above, the old procuracies, the bridge of sighs and lot of Gondolas waiting forContinue reading “The Doge’s Palace – St Mark’s Square”

Bench in Ludwig Erhard Ufer – Berlin

Here it is a tip for a good photographic location in Berlin. I went for some “abandoned things” session this time, but there are really many worthy things to photograph there, so it depends on your preferences if you are going to focus on landscape, architecture or street photography. Location: Ludwig Erhard Ufer (Ludwig Erhard shore),Continue reading “Bench in Ludwig Erhard Ufer – Berlin”

Gondolas and Poles 2 – St Mark’s Square

The third picture of the triplet about Gondolas and Poles (first, second). Location: St Mark’s Square, Venice. What to shot: From St. Mark’s square you can play with the many poles, docks and gondolas you will find there to create interesting foregrounds and lead the observer’s eye through the picture towards the small island of San GiorgioContinue reading “Gondolas and Poles 2 – St Mark’s Square”

Gondolas and Poles – St Mark’s Square

The second picture of a triplet about Gondolas and Poles (first here). Location: St Mark’s Square, Venice. What to shot: From St. Mark’s square you can play with the many poles, docks and gondolas you will find there to create interesting foregrounds and lead the observer’s eye through the picture towards the small island of SanContinue reading “Gondolas and Poles – St Mark’s Square”

Capo d’Otranto Lighthouse – Apulia

Location: Capo d’Otranto, or Cape Palascia, just 5 km south of Otranto, near Lecce, Apulia. What to shot: Capo d’Otranto lighthouse is well-known for its particular location. Cape Palascia is the most easterly point of Italy. From there you can have a good point of view over the beacon, and in the most clear days youContinue reading “Capo d’Otranto Lighthouse – Apulia”

Venice photography – Squero of San Trovaso

Location: The Squero of San Trovaso, Venice. This peculiar and tiny sort of boatyard is one of the few places where gondolas are still built and repaired. It was established in the 17th century, when the canals of Venice were crowded with thousands of Gondolas, crafted here or in one of the many other existing Squero.Continue reading “Venice photography – Squero of San Trovaso”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy – Kiss in Times Square

This week I go with a tribute to New York. The famous kiss in Times Square, photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt, has been “re-edited” in this big mural by street artist Eduardo Kobra. He added a perfectly fitting explosion of colors to the joy of one of the most famous, liberating and passionate kisses of our history.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy – Kiss in Times Square”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Location: The Grand Canal (Canal Grande) is the major water-traffic corridor of Venice. With its large reverse-S shape, it divides the central districts of the city. Leading at one end into the lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station and at the other end into Saint Mark Basin, it is crowded with water buses, taxis andContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! – at the Armenian Monastery

Location: San Lazzaro degli Armeni is a small island in the Venetian Lagoon, lying between Venice and the Lido of Venice. Formerly a leprosarium, it received its name from St. Lazarus, the patron saint of lepers. Now it is one of the world’s foremost centers of Armenian culture, it hosts an Armenian Catholic monastery that isContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! – at the Armenian Monastery”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

Gondolas in Venice – St. Mark Square. Usually we take advantage of some sort of light to take our pictures, it could be the light of a built in flash, a lamp, daylight or even the moon, but it is not so frequent to put the source of that light in the frame while composing.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon of Venice

The challenge of this week is Horizon, so let’s expand our horizons! I’ve been posting a lot about Venice, since the aim of this blog is to collect  tips to take good pictures of this enthralling city, but what about expanding our horizons just a bit. I went to Burano this summer with my cameraContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon of Venice”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

There is something about strolling around Venice with the challenge to take some pictures that represent the beauty that you see. But it is even more important not to forget to change your point of view sometime. This week’s photo challenge is just perfect to train and look at things with a different perspective. SoContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

The Bridge of Sighs, in Venice, connects the Doge’s Palace to the old Prisons. The bridge owes its name to Lord Byron, and it comes from the suggestion that prisoners would sigh crossing the bridge toward their dungeon. It represents of course a big change in one man’s condition, going from freedom to confinement. TodayContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change”

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